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Lisa's story

This is not a story from someone living in squalor herself. It is an account - a cautionary tale, if you like - from the perspective of someone who tried to help someone living in squalor by cleaning up the mess. ~ Pigpen

Without reading the entire site I helped my daughter's boyfriend along with his two sisters clean his mom's house while she was out of town for a few days. We literally only got through the kitchen dining room and family room. We filled a dumpster and literally 25-30 additional bags with trash. I have never seen anything like it.

Wall to Wall trash mixed with clothing, junk, Tupperware, old mail, papers, magazines, you name it. The dishes had not been washed in the kitchen for 5 years. The drains were plugged, she had been sleeping on a couch for a year because the bedroom is 5' high with clothing and trash. The stove took 2 days to clean. The floor in the kitchen was black and covered with what appeared to be tar but was really just 27 years of grime.

Everything about the entire house inside and out was in a shambles. Her kids are horrified, they have nagged her for years to clean with no results. We've all offered to help countless times. Answer NO.

Well, after we scrubbed, threw away, put up new blinds, painted, hung new pictures, removed old decaying carpet, added houseplants, you name it-- Result - she was FURIOUS. I mean FURIOUS.

All of us expected joy and relief at a project long ignored but instead got the angriest most defensive response imaginable.

So, for those victims of squalor - best leave it to the messy person to deal with. They need help! But, not the kind we delivered although it was with good intent.

Good Luck!