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Princess Piggy's story

I started out very clean. My room, the whole house was clean when I was a child (my parents would get us up at 2 am on school night if my mother came home at 11:30 and decided enough hadn't been done.)

When I finally moved out on my own, I would clean in the middle of the night. I kept my house really clean minus a few toys here and there. Then I married my first husband and we had children but stayed in a one bedroom house. Not much room to move, I kept the house up until I was pregnant with my 3rd child and I was so sick I couldn't move, let alone clean everything.

We moved finally to a 3 bedroom place and my husband, who started drinking before the marriage, continued to drink more after. I would get so sick of him and the drinking and the beer bottles that I just stopped cleaning. Including have a ton of stuff, we never seemed to have enough so things would come in the door and get tossed everywhere. I would get more depressed with the more stuff that came in to the house. (We had an ice auger in the livingroom for 3 months.) Then he pulled his things and he left at that point.

I would get so depressed, and had ADHD without knowing it. I couldn't get out of bed and I didn't do anything at all. We lost the house and everything else.

Finally we got a place of our own. First time in many years, and at first I kept it too clean, then I got sick, started working, and going to school, and things went down hill. The house went during all of this.

I started hoarding clothes and shoes and anything else I could get that I liked. I would buy clothes and never wear them.

Then finally, after my landlord came to my house one day when I wasn't home and found everything the way that it was, I had 3 days to clean or be kicked out. Well I didn't sleep much that week I will tell you. I got it cleaned up and kept it that way.

Now we are in a new house and my new husband is a border-line clean freak. My house is clean now - I am keeping up with it because I know that I can very easily go back there. I have been thinking about a comment about me having to have the last word, I didn't think I did need it but I have been so long without making any sound, I guess I think sometimes I do need it.

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