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J's Junk's story

I have never been a "Neat Freak".

I grew up in a big farm house, big family and lots of stuff.I thought we were rich because we had more stuff than others, and we had "cleaning people" that cleaned for us a few times each month. We had plenty of food,clothes,toys,books,family and friends.

As I got older I found out we were not rich, our stuff was old, given to us, handmade, handgrown, bought secondhand, or found at the dump. Now 40 some years later—I have my own big house full of stuff. Ok overflowing with stuff.

I have no problem with cleaning, just it is never "all clean, all the time". That really gets to me. I have nice furniture now, the kids are grown, I never had or wanted new when they were little. I have too many dishes, don't cook much, just like kitchen items. I collect items that were containers... teacups, teapots, vases, candle holders, most are in a nice china cabinet. The rest are scattered all over the house.

I love thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. Cheap and easy to get more stuff!!

I do sew, knit, crochet, paint small craft items, so I have lots of craft supplies stored all over.

I have just started to get rid of a lot . and have sold some on ebay. I want 2007 to be a better year, to make more space in my house, to be able to find and get to the things I have easier than now. To have a house that is easy to clean.

To have a place in my mind and my house that is happy, peaceful, and proud.

Thank you for your time and help.

J's Junk