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Telling our stories

People who are very messy often go to great lengths to conceal that fact. Keeping your messy secret is a real energy-zapper. Yet....

If you are going to solve a problem, you first have to accept that it is a problem. Not only is it a problem, it's your problem. Accepting that your squalor is a problem means that you assume responsibility for it. When you do that, you also have to consider this question: Do you have the ability, time and energy to fit dealing with your squalor into your current schedule of priorities?

Those who contributed their stories to this section have assumed responsibility for their squalor problem. We have come out of our cluttered closets to tell the truth about our lives.

Telling our stories connects us

Every person's story is unique. Some have success stories while others are still on their personal journey. But you'll discover common themes. Learn from the journeys of others, and find similarities with your own experiences. "You do that? Me too!"

Telling our stories heals us

Our personal stories are important to us. Telling our own stories reminds us of where we have been and where we may be going. As we think of where we have been in our story, we can begin to understand the patterns of our past that have an influence on the way we behave in the present.

I have been thinking about a comment about me having to have the last word, I didn't think I did need it but I have been so long without making any sound, I guess I think sometimes I do need it. Princess Piggy, recovered Messie

Contributing your own story

If you would like to share your story of living in squalor on this site - email it to . We currently limit ourselves to stories submitted by the person who claims ownership of the squalor problem; we do not publish stories submitted by relatives, roommates or friends. As with the existing stories, your story can be published under a pseudonym, or just your first name. You can add photos, and you retain the copyright. You can also change your mind later and have your story removed from this site, by sending an email to from the same email address you used to submit your story. However, search engines and web services archive copies of Web pages, so there is no way to guarantee the text is completely removed from the Internet.

More stories

This section also presents some information on famous people who were notably messy, as well as commentary on fictional portrayals of squalorous people in books, theatre, and television.