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Finally Free's story

I'd keep everything. I was afraid I'd need something if I threw it away. I never had the time to properly housebreak my 2 new puppies, so for 8 years they eliminated in the house and chewed up furniture. The dog I had before my puppies died and I couldn't bury her - I couldn't part with her so I kept her in a bag in the freezer for 8 years**.

The floor to my house was covered with stuff and there was dog urine and feces and the smell of my beloved former pet I couldn't part with in the freezer. I didn't smell anything but people would refuse to come to my house. My water bill kept going up so I knew I had a leak. The plumber came in and said he couldn't deal with the smell and left. I was afraid he would report me to the housing authority and I would have my house condemned so at that moment I began throwing stuff away.

The house has been gutted. My former beloved pet has been buried. I've thrown 95% of my stuff away and still want to throw more away. My dogs now live outside or in a very large cage in the house. My formerly condemnable dog urine soaked house is being made like new.

I'm never going back to living that way again. I'm not going to acquire too many possessions for fear of hoarding again - like an alcoholic can't have a drink. If i can do it - anybody can do it. Just do it. Just start throwing stuff away.


I'm Finally Free

** I worked 2 years at the Humane Society and that's what they did with dead animals - put them in the freezer. so that's where I got the idea. I just couldn't let go of her just as I couldn't let go of everything else.