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Last updated 3rd October, 2006

When you are living in squalor, or even if your squalor is in remission, privacy is hugely important.

The purpose of Squalor Survivors is to provide a safe place online where people can come and talk about a problem they have, or had. It is the sort of problem people spend a great deal of energy trying to hide. The amount of personal information that you share at Squalor Survivors is entirely up to you.

There are two relevant privacy policies. One is that of the webhost for our chatroom, should you choose to particpate in chats—Network54's privacy policy. The other is the site's privacy policy, as written by me, Pigpen.

Squalor Survivors Privacy Policy

The pages I coded (outside the "Community" section) don't set cookies or collect any information about you. The Community Server software used within the "Community" section sets cookies—simple text files— to allow you to login. A working email address is required during registration. This address is used by the system if you choose to receive automated email notifications of new posts/threads to forums or replies to your posts. I promise never to pass this address on to a third party without your explicit permission. Your email address is not exposed to other users clicking on the email icon in your posts; it will be however if you reply to these emails or automated notifications from within your email application—the correct procedure is to reply using the email or PM forms within the Community Server software. Search engines are excluded from the Community section with a robots.txt file, but it is your responsibility to refrain from posting personal details you don't want others to see online.

Very occasionally - not often, we're not that famous - I get requests from media people researching squalor, asking to be put in contact with Squalorees living in their area. This is what I tell anyone who asks:

  1. I do not know real names and addresses for the majority of our members.
  2. I would never pass on information about our users. That would be a breach of trust.

The only way I act as an intermediary is to forward requests for permission to use photographs to the owner of the copyright.

You retain the copyright to messages you post on the forum.

If you are running web bug software (web bugs are small hidden pictures embedded in web pages that track which pages are being used and/or collect information about users), it may be triggered on the pages in the Photo section. These are not web bugs, it is the photos for the next page being pre-loaded so that - if you progress through these pages in the suggested order - the images are served up quickly from your browser cache, making for a smoother viewing experience.

A note about the content of chat room conversations: Network 54 does not save this information long-term, but your browser will probably save text files in your Temporary Internet Files folder. If you are not the only person with access to the computer you used to chat, and you wish to ensure that no one else reads your conversations later, you need to empty this folder, or at least delete the Network54.com files. It's not likely that someone will read those files, but it is possible,