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This is a new section, which will review task managers, calendars, timers, and similar software, as well as online services. This symbol reviewer icon indicates a link to a Squalor Survivors software review.

from Sciral
For keeping track of tasks that don't have deadlines or rigid time intervals associated with them, but need to be performed on a regular basis over a long period of time. They are often "routine" tasks for which you have not firmly established a habit of carrying them out as second nature.
Review of Sciral's Consistency
[Sciral's Consistency]
Kirby Alarm and Task Scheduler
from Kirby Software
Kirby Alarm is an alarm clock and task scheduler that will perform a variety of useful functions automatically and reliably.
Review of Kirby Alarm and Task Scheduler
[Kirby Alarm and Task Scheduler]
Joe's Goals
For keeping track of your daily and weekly goals. Designed to be simple to use. Free web-based application.
Review of Joe's Goals
[Joe's Goals]
Remember the Milk
For keeping track of your To Do lists: organizing your tasks into separate lists, setting time-specific tasks with automatic email reminders and repeat intervals. Lists are shareable. Web-based application.
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