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Reviewed June 23rd, 2006. Available at: http://www.joesgoals.com/index.cfm

Joe's Goals is a web-based application for tracking your progress in achieving your goals - either building a positive habit, or avoiding a negative one. Since we here at Squalor Survivors like to emphasise what we have done, I'm going to focus on using this application to build good habits.

One piece of advice you'll often hear on our forums is for people who are strugggling to cope with their workload to focus on a "magic minimum", which is often summarised as Dinner, Duds and Dishes. With Joe's Goals, you could enter these tasks as daily goals and check them off as you achieve them. The application tallies up the points for every goal you achieve (conversely, you lose points for every negative goal check). So you could also list many possible daily maintenance tasks and set yourself a goal of, say, reaching 5 points per day. You can weight tasks by the effort required (e.g. wiping a countertop = +1, clearing a ton of crap off the countertop first = +4).

Under the Advanced options, you can set which days are available for each goal (so you are not limited to daily goals) as well as assign keywords or tags to each goal. Sign-up for Joe's Goals is very straight-forward (email/first name/password). Your goals are shareable by email, if you would be more motivated by sharing your progress with your Squalor Survivors friends. The Joe's Goals user interface is very SIMPLE and, because of the way it is written, FAST.


What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Zig Ziglar
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