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The original "Living in Third Degree Squalor... Where do I Start?" thread (Kimmy's thread)

These links are provided so you can download a free copy of the original Living in third degree squalor...where do I start? thread (Internet Archive copy) , in document form. Many people find the thread inspirational and motivating, but dislike reading at length from a monitor. The thread is provided in different formats:

The SSSSSS Files

This is the document version of the paper and finances page THE SSSSSS Files: Script's Suggestions & Systems for Simple Solutions to Serious $ Scenarios. It gives advice on on how to handle the paperwork that arrives with unrelenting regularity in the average household and was prepared by Script, drawing on her years of experience as a professional bookkeeper and tailored for Squalor Survivors.

Downloading instructions and required software

How to download a file

To download a file with Internet Explorer, right click the link and choose Save Target As... from the context menu. With Netscape Navigator, right click the link and choose Save Link As...

Which file format to choose?


Many files you'll encounter for downloading on the Web are in compressed form. Typically, these files will have a ".zip" extension. Sites often compress files so you can download them quicker. The only drawback to compressed files is that you must uncompress them before you use them. To do this you use a zip Tool, such as the program JustZipIt. You can download the latest version of this very simple and easy to use program from Free-Backup-Software.net (340KB) , where you will also find clear instructions on how to use it.


If you don't have Microsoft's Word software, you can download the free Word Viewer from the Microsoft site (3.86MB) . This program will allow you to open and view a Word document, copy and paste from it, but not edit it.


To view the PDF files, you need a PDF reader. Adobe's Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe's site (8.7MB for the Basic version, 15.9MB for the Full version.) Foxit Reader for Windows is also free, works well, and takes 75% less disk space.... good stuff.