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Reviewed July 25th, 2006. Available at: http://www.mybillq.com/

I spent the better part of last weekend going through the mass of paperwork that I have basically ignored for months. Sadly, I realized that I have wasted more than a thousand dollars on overdraft fees, late fees, and expired gift certificates that I have received for birthdays and Christmas. I sat in the middle of this mess and cried, feeling very ashamed of my irresponsible ways. bibliophile

The process of paying bills is a common problem for people living in squalor. It is all too easy to lose the bills in the piles of paper clutter and other mess. Without a visual reminder of the bill, payments are often missed, and late fees incurred. BillQ from Seen Creative is a free web-based application that solves one part of the misplaced bills problem - it provides a place to record your bills and will send you reminders to pay the bill. Of course, it's still up to you to find the physical bill if you need the remittance advice, and to actually pay the bill!

Sign-up for billQ. is quick and easy—requiring only a username and an email address. This is the address where bill reminders will be sent, so you want to use a working one. It's easy to add bills to billQ. In fact you don't even need to visit the site—there is a favelet available to add to your browser toolbar. You can find this favelet in the Tools section (under the Settings tab.) Also in the Tools sections are URLs for subscribing to your bills in the standard iCalendar format, or as an RSS feed. Under the Reminders tab you can enter your cellphone number if you would prefer to get SMS bill reminders on your phone. International currencies and time zones are supported.

BillQ's Privacy Policy states that the application only needs your choice of a name for the bill, the amount due, and the date due. BillQ does not store account numbers or passwords or any other sensitive information. When you delete a bill entry, the information is permanently deleted from the server and cannot be retrieved. If you choose to delete your billQ account, all your information is permanently deleted.

Because of the reminder functionality built into billQ, it may work better for messy people than writing the bill's due date onto a calendar (which only works if you remember to keep checking the calendar.) To know where the physical (paper) bill is, it's important to keep all your bills in the same place. A distinctive storage container, such as a bright red lunchbox, will stand out from background clutter.


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Bill in billQ rubberstamped as "PAID"... cute.