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Master bedroom


[master bedroom before cleaning]

I completely cleared out the master bedroom in one weekend!!! Now, there was less clutter in there, but it had become practically one big litter box. I sorted the clutter into "keep" and "trash" and moved the "keep" boxes into my old room, which I had made room in the previous weekend. I had 3 bags of trash and one big box from this room to throw away. In addition, I first swept up as much kitty litter as I could (while wearing a surgical mask and gloves!). I think I swept up enough to fill one of those large containers you can see in the before pic!!! Then I vacuumed the whole carpet once, then applied de-stinker, and then vacuumed it all a second time. I went through 2 vacuum bags just in this one room!!!


[master bedroom during cleaning] [master bedroom during cleaning]

The week prior to working on the kitchen, I ripped the hideous, old, stained, matted green carpet out of my mom's old room. The hardwood floors are permanently stained in places, but I will either try staining over it with a richer color, or put down an area rug.

[master bedroom during cleaning]


[master bedroom after cleaning]

I've finally moved into the master bedroom! I thought it would be a bit creepy to move in on Mother's Day, when it was ready, so I put it off a week. Notice the flowers on the dresser. :-)

[master bedroom after cleaning]

TA DA!!!!!