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The story behind Patkortcam's photos

Patkortcam's mess wasn't as bad as Kimmy's - maybe second degree squalor. However, an important question to ask is: How much does your mess affect your life? If you feel overwhelmed, if you pretend not to be home when there's a knock at the door, or if you procrastinate on house repairs because you're ashamed to let a service person see your second degree piles, your problem is every bit as real as Kimmy's.

Rooms that are wall-to-wall genuine trash might even be easier to clean up once you get started. Items that clearly belong in a trash bag don't require further decisions about where they should be stored.

If your second-degree piles consist of useful items still in good repair, you're less likely to see simply tossing them away as the answer to your clutter problem. Everything has to be categorized, organized, sanitized and containerized - no wonder it can all seem overwhelming.

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