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Living area


[living room before cleaning]

Psychologically the hardest room to clear. Can you BELIEVE I used to lay in this, even SLEEP in this, at the DEEPEST POINT of my depression? I can hardly believe it. I don't know what to call this room - but I spent a LOT of time in it! It had old food, mouldy clothing, etc.

[living room before cleaning]
Police ethics book

Another view of it. Note Police Ethics book. I took this one on purpose - that book says it ALL!!! Actually, there are 3 pages on me (very positive) in the bloody book! Just shows ANYONE can fall victim to squalor, even people they write about, PRAISING in books! Oh God!


[living room after cleaning]

Got stains out of floor eventually. Note little phone socket I finally discovered!! The phone technician is booked to come and connect me up next week! YAY!!

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