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[hallway before cleaning]

Hallway. Animal faeces. Plastic bags were my abandoned attempts at cleaning it up over the years.


[hallway after cleaning]

Hallway after (and where I fell through the floor!*). Again, those floorboards are a terror - but I did finally remove the lighter stains.

*Oh, just to end on a funny note, this is how BAD it is, I was in the hallway, scooping up the mess, when I knelt down to get in at some really nasty stuff, AND MY KNEE WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FLOORBOARD!!!!! YES!!! I almost fell through to the ground below the house!!! There is now a big hole there. While the house is old and ready to be demolished, I think it was rotten from my lack of cleaning. A BIG wake-up call. Kimmy, message board posting soon after
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