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The camera doesn't lie

What does the world of squalor look like? Why take photos of squalor? The answer to these two questions is often to do with getting real with yourself. The camera doesn't fudge or sugar-coat your mess, it just records the grim reality. Studying pictures of squalor allows the viewer to get to know more about the problem. You can examine how parts of your squalor relate to the whole. Why is this part of your house tidy and the rest cluttered? You can also compare your squalor situation with other squalor situations.

Why put them up on the Web for all to see? Putting them up on the Web achieves two things. First, it gives you a chance to show off your accomplishment and bask in the resulting praise! Secondly, it helps other people in cluttered houses know for sure that they are not the only ones in this situation. The photos give hope to others living in squalor.

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You know, seeing the pics of other messies, was a very useful exercise, for I saw "my mess" and the extent of it in the photos. What was very funny, was me looking at the photos and thinking, "Oh, God, they have two fans there, just throw one out". YET KIMMY HERSELF HAS BLOODY TEN OF EVERYTHING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! Kimmy

Contributing your photos

If you would like to share your pictures of living in squalor on this site - email them to me at . Only photos sent directly by the maker-of-the-mess will be considered for publication; we are not publishing those submitted by fed-up cleanie relatives or roommates. As with the existing photo collections, your photos can be published under a pseudonym, or just your first name. You can add captions, and/or more photos later, and you retain the copyright. You can also change your mind later and have your photos removed from this site, by sending an email to from the same email address you used to submit your photos. However, search engines and web services archive copies of Web pages, so there is no way to guarantee the images are completely removed from the Internet.