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Special Topics

This is a new section which will deal with the special topics that seem to be common to many Messies and squalorees.. areas like paper and finances, laundry, and magazines and catalogs.

As a group, we discussed the ways in which our pets affect the squalor in our homes, both positively (they can be motivation to clean up, or even just to get out of bed) and negatively (pooping, barfing, tearing up the furniture, etc.) The results of this discussion can be found on the Pets page.

One of our members, Script, has a background in bookkeeping, and she has prepared pages on Financial squalor (with a scale to determine how bad your current situation is!) and handling paper and bill-paying, which contains her methods and tools for handling the piles of paper that flood your house all the time.

The Recipes were contributed by our members. These recipes are of the "quick and easy" type, and since we recognise that people living in squalor often don't have the full range of working appliances, each recipe is marked with the basic equipment required for the cooking process.

There are strategies for dealing with the piles of newspaper and magazines. Look for strategies for tackling piles of laundry in the future.