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Two things that are the same are not necessarily a pair. They are possibly an incomplete collection.

Three things that are the same, definitely.

So went my thinking during my days of squalor.

I think this quirk (I'm being kind) was the result of being brought up on Sesame Street mixed with a dash of perfectionism.

Sesame Street, apart from providing me with my apparent domestic role model (Oscar in his trash can,) throughly ingrained the idea that three things with similar properties belong together, with its ditty

Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?
Now it's time to play our game (time to play our game).
by Joe Raposo and Jon Stone

The perfectionism ditty went something like this:

Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
I know there's more missing pieces that belong here
Now it's time to bring them home (time to bring them home).

The curse of the incomplete collection

Thus having three yo-yos doomed me to collect yo-yos. I have no particular interest in yo-yos. I'm spectacularly bad at yo-yo-ing. But once I had three yo-yos, I became in my mind a yo-yo collector.

Worse, I was a yo-yo collector with a small, inadequate - and imperfect - collection. From that point I felt obliged to acquire every yo-yo I came across, trying to complete my yo-yo collection.

Are your collections working for you? Or are you working for your collections?

You know what's really hard? When one thing belongs with two sets of three things. For example, if you collect yo-yos and Duran Duran memorabilia, and then you come across a yo-yo with a picture of Duran Duran on it. With which collection of things does it belong?

That can really bake your noodle.



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