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Your squalor is rejected

Dear Anonymous Contributor,

Thank you for your recent submission of a photo of your squalor to Squalor Survivors. We appreciate your participation.

Squalor Survivors endeavours to maintain the highest possible standards for its squalor.

We regret to inform you that, in the opinion of the judges, your squalor did not meet the criteria for inclusion in the Most Squalorous Squaloree event in the following ways:

  • The squalor was constructed of relatively high quality stuff (i.e little actual garbage was seen)
  • Its spread was limited. The relevant criteria for spread are quite specific. To qualify for this event, the squalor must spread 3.6m on BOTH the x axis and the y axis, and attain a height of 0.8 m on the z axis.
  • Because your squalor did not meet this criteria for spread, validation of smell was deemed unnecessary at this stage.

Please note that competitors are also strictly prohibited from using any kind of depressant or performance-enhancing drug.

Again, thank you for your participation, and please feel free to submit new entries as and when they are developed.