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Squalor Glossary

Little Ninja read the entire list at Wit Words. She has extracted the following as they relate to squalor and household issues.

Agooglemus - A gargantuan mess made by a large group of people.
Bindependence Day - The day the trash goes out.
Buyopsy - Critique, examine, or review recent purchases.
Carbage - The trash found in your car.
Christmess - The stuff that's all over the carpet after Christmas.
Crestaceans - The little globs of dried up toothpaste in your bathroom sink.
Crumbage - Lots of crumbs.
Destinesia - Going into another room and forgetting why you went there.
Dirsty - Dirty and dusty.
Dishful thinking - Hoping someone else would do the dishes.
Drain surgeon - A plumber.
Exsqueeze - What you have to do to yourself when you are trying to get between two close objects, or through a crowded room.
Fernident - Dents furniture leaves in your carpet.
Finitiative - Ability and intestinal fortitude to actually finish projects that your initiative made your start.
Frust - That last bit of dust that you can never sufficiently brush into the dust pan.
Grosseries - Bad shopping. Example: My wife sent me out to do the grocery shopping, but when I came back with everything NOT on her list, like sweets and cakes, she said I had bought grosseries.
Glump - A group of; a pile; a stack.
Hortitorture - The mistreatment of one's plants; usually resulting in their demise.
Kid-marks - Marks left by kids on walls and other places.
Lavitate - The art of using the bathroom.
Laundrotate - The act of putting in a load of laundry, the washed laundry to the dryer, and the dry clothes folded.
Mumorobilia - Photos and other possessions of your Mum.
Poditorium - A fancy word for the bathroom stall
Toynado - A localized storm that scatters toys all over a kid's room.
Vacustipation - The condition your vacuum cleaner is in when you suck up a sock.
Wackajacky - Very messed up. Example: Daniel ran into the stack of books, now they're all wackajacky.
Wrapture - Overwhelmed by giftwrap.
Wuzband - He was my husband; now he's my wuzband.
Little Ninja