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The Junk Drawer

David Allen, in his book Getting Things Done, says that it's the smartest, brightest people who procrastinate the most... because their sensitivity "gives them the capability of producing in their minds lurid nightmare scenarios about what might be involved in doing the project, and all the negative consequences that might occur if it weren't done perfectly!"

The Junk Drawer is the Gallerie de Super Messies, a place for displaying the creativity, sensitivity and intelligence of our messies and chronic procrastinators. Some of these pieces have ideas about squalor buried in them. And sometimes they're just for fun. Right now this section is quite small. If you keep tossing stuff in a junk drawer, does it grow up to become a spare room? The following piece by assorted sundries speaks of the possibilities of a junk drawer.

I love having a junk drawer!

In fact, I call it "the magic drawer" because it always has the thing in it that I need when I need it. Duct tape, little rubber feet things to make appliances etc unscratchy, screws, bits of string, long twisty ties just right for attaching plants to stakes in the garden, those metal things you use to put furniture together...but it's only magic if it's not abused. This means

  1. not even opening that drawer unless absolutely necessary,
  2. never knowing exactly what's in there, which means not cleaning it out or organizing it ever,
  3. not putting anything in there that you have a specific plan for using and
  4. not putting anything in there that will leak, corrode or otherwise make a mess or cause you to worry about it making a mess. The junk drawer has to be worry-free for its owner.

In order to make a junk drawer into a magic drawer it has to be added to occasionally, and in between allowed to ferment and breed its contents. I'm working on my junk drawer right now; at the moment it contains too many things that have an obvious (and better) home elsewhere, too many big things (big things have no place in a true junk drawer) and, worst of all, too many things that I use (or should use) regularly. So it's not a junk drawer but a badly organized proper drawer. I hope to have its magic fermenting by the end of the year.

assorted sundries

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Just thought I would LIST some of the masterpieces I found in my kitchen! Add these too!

  1. Three years' worth of thick, dusty cobwebs, so old, not one live spider seen! Hanging from the walls, ceiling and suspended across from cupboard to cupboard!
  2. 10 apples in the bottom of the cupboard, hollowed out into hard shells and shrunk to tomato-size!
  3. THAT superb 3 inch thick sink pudding, which I plunged my hand into, expecting a mushy centre, but after three years of grot, it was a "lift-out" pudding!
  4. Display of 1000 dead insects on each window sill!
  5. Newspapers pulled out of animal cages three years ago, which had been urinated and defecated on! Thrown all over floor!
  6. Black mould all over the walls!
  7. Empty, rusty cat cans and lids all over the sink, adhered to it after three years!
  8. Bags full of food which expired LAST CENTURY!!!!
  9. Floor caked so hard in grot, it took intense washing and scrubbing four times to get in a reasonable condition!
  10. Cardboard boxes that I had pulled out of animal cages...that kept animals warm LAST CENTURY...all full of used bedding.

So, there you go! I am MOST proud of that self-baked PUDDING, that just lifted out without effort into my hands and straight into the HALL of the Super Messies Gallery!!