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Chat room How-to's

Chat room help

Basic chatting

This is what you see at the bottom of the window when you enter chat:


Type your message in the Message: text box, then click the Send button, or press Enter on your keyboard. The message will appear in the main pane of the chat room, and be visible to everyone.

Sending a private message

If you want to send a message that is only visible to one other user of the chat room, select that user from the drop down box to the right of the Message area.


Your private message will appear in red in the main pane of the chat room, and will only be visible to you and the selected recipient


Remember to select All from the drop down box if you want to return to chatting to everyone in the chat room!


Options: Personal description

Clicking the Options icon to the left of the message area gives you access to two more options.


One option is to add a personal description which will appear next to your login. Any text you type in the personal description box will appear, in italics, to the right of your username for every message you send to the chat room. This will continue until you change or remove your personal description.

screenshot   screenshot

Options: changing how often the page refreshes

Another option is to change the rate at which the chat room reloads its messages. The chat room page automatically refreshes at a specific interval, which by default is 10 seconds. Every time the page refreshes, the messages are updated. To change the rate, select a different rate from the Reload interval is: drop-down box. A 5-second rate makes the chat room faster, a 60-second rate slows it down, making it easier to scroll back to read something you missed

Clicking the Refresh button on your browser will not refresh the chat room page, it will spontaneously eject you from the chat room, leaving you at the chat room entrance, so is not recommended. Unless this is what you want.


Clicking the Members icon on the far left will restore the default view, with a list of all the current chatters on the left hand side.


Common abbreviations translated

Be back in a bit
Bottom of the hour
Be right back
By the way
See you later
DH/DS/DD etc
Dear husband/dear son/dear daughter, etc. Sometimes the D stands for something else ;-) A number after the abbreviation indicates the person's age, e.g. DD15 is my dear 15 year old daughter
Father-in-law/Sister-in-law/Daughter-in-law, etc
For what it's worth
Hope this helps
In my opinion/In my humble opinion
Laughing out loud
Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
Top of the hour
Talk to you later

How to make text smileys


Quitting the chat room

The simplest way is to simply close the browser window by clicking the Close button in the top right corner. Clicking the Exit button to the immediate left of the message area will return you to the message board. Quitting the chat room ends that "session" for you.

If you quit the chat room, and then re-enter, the messages from your previous session will not be visible to you, although they are visible to chat room users who are still on the same session.


Clicking a link and staying in the chat room

Right click the link and select Open in New Window. If you left click it, you will exit the chat room.


Error 101 message

This problem with the chat room has been reported by people who use Norton's firewall. Since I don't have this software, I can only direct you to the Network 54 advice